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Logo Evolution and Finalization

For a business that hasn't yet launched, it's hard to believe we've already been through about ten logos, refining it until thoroughly conveys our mission. For fun, let's look through some of the evolution of thoughts and logos that eventually brought us to the current logo.

FashionPact is a boutique, and must not look like an everyday thrift store. Let's start by selecting a font that shows class.

That's great, but there is no mystery in it. Everybody knows that when you go secondhand shopping, one of the most exciting parts is finding that completely unique item that you never would have found if you didn't go into that thrift shop on that particular day. So we added a splash of color to invite that mystery.

This is the point where we got some feedback from a couple of people about the logo, and received the very gentle criticism that it was absolutely terrible. So we took another approach of hiring a graphic designer. After learning all about the concept, this is what she came up with. We loved the color and the symbolic sun. To me it showed a bright future and brought a sense of hope, which is absolutely what FashionPact's mission is about: creating a better community through sustainability and strengthening our local organizations that strengthen our communities.

But there were few things that needed to be tweaked. As much as we love this yellow color of hope, it needed more color. Secondhand shopping is about the mystery, and a bright future can't be a symbolized in a single color. A bright future includes diversity as our community of interesting individuals come together. So we redesigned with the idea of many colors coming together to form a stronger whole. Lastly, we decided to switch around the fonts of 'Fashion' and 'Pact'. In this name, the 'Pact' we are making is so much more powerful than the 'Fashion' and it needed to be bold to represent that.

Unfortunately, without the sun, the big sign of a brighter future, this logo fell short. So we went back to the old symbol, redesigned it with colors. The lines and marks are different lengths, different colors, different thicknesses. We're attempting to send the message that our community isn't uniform and it isn't complete.

We envision an even stronger community where all can come together through organizations and as individuals, fill in these gaps, and enjoy an even brighter future.

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