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Alaska Trails is Now an Ally

We are very excited to announce that Alaska Trails is now a FashionPact Ally. This non-profit organization says, "We provide funding ideas and sources as well as technical assistance for on-the-ground trail related projects and programs such as development, maintenance, easement acquisition, safety, education, and more."

Their vision is to have Alaska connected by sustainable trails. One of things that makes Alaska unique is our abounding wilderness and access to nature. It is great to have this organization actively working on our trail system.

Their website lists their guiding principles as:

  • Advocating for trails access, and public support.

  • Building the leaders of tomorrow’s trails.

  • Connecting volunteers to trails through stewardship.

  • Convening trail users and trail-focused groups to share, partner, and build.

  • Educating Alaskans on the value of sustainable trails.

Please consider choosing Alaska Trails when you shop or donate at FashionPact.

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