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Introducing: Straw For Dogs a New Ally

Straw For Dogs has recently become a FashionPact Ally. They are an organization whose mission is extremely relevant to our local Alaskan challenges. They describe themselves on their website by saying, "Straw For Dogs assists caretakers and concerned citizens with pets outdoors."

Taking care of pets outdoors in the Alaska climate can be difficult and requires more resources than it does in a more moderate climate. Although their name is Straw For Dogs, they actually help in many ways:

They offer free supplies such as:






In addition to these supplies, they offer resources including spay/neuter services, fostering/ rehoming and training advice.

They also have great local education on their website with climate specific ideas for caring for pets outdoors in Alaska.

Anyone can apply for resource help using the online application on their website.

You can find out lots more about Straw For Dogs at their website. Thank you for helping Anchorage's pets/outdoors Straw For Dogs! Please consider choosing Straw For Dogs when you shop or donate at FashionPact.

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