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Introducing AK Child & Family, Another Ally!

We are excited to welcome AK Child & Family to our growing list of FashionPact Allies.

AK Child & Family is an organization that's mission is to bring hope to troubled young lives through a broad range of mental health services. Their residential psychiatric treatment, community based programs and treatment foster homes offer the structure, care and expertise to help young people build strong, positive, healthy lives.

This organization has a log history of helping Alaskan children, and was originally founded in 1890, known as the Jesse Lee Home. The whole store of 1890 until now can be found on the History section of their website.

Today AK Child & Family offers many services including residential, foster care, and in home. Some residential services include:

  • Individual, group and family therapy on a weekly basis by a Master’s-educated clinical therapist

  • Nursing services by registered nurses with oversight of a medical director

  • Milieu therapy which includes structure activities

  • Individualized treatment work for youth

  • Recreation therapy

  • Voluntary spiritual life activities

  • Educational support

Thank you AK Child & Family for your work with children and youth! You can find out more information about AK Child & Family at their website. Please consider choosing AK Child & Family when you shop or donate at FashionPact.

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