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Introducing a New Ally: Downtown Soup Kitchen Hope Center

Downtown Soup Kitchen Hope Center is a truly amazing organization whose mission is to, "Provide a hand up and out of homelessness. Feed Me Hope Bakery, the Culinary School, and the future Food Truck help our guests gain the skills they need to transform their lives."

DSK Hope Center is a women's homeless shelter that houses up to 50 women per night. The thing that makes this homeless shelter stand out are their programs that help women gain skills they can use for the rest of their lives. With the bakery, culinary school, and future food truck, their guests are able to experience many aspects of commercial baking. As I was learning more about his on their website, I found that their bakery sells their creations and even caters events. You can see their menu here.

Their website says they are always looking for volunteers if you are interested in volunteering with them. Find out much more about this organization directly on their website Please consider choosing Downtown Soup Kitchen Hope Center when you shop or donate at FashionPact!

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