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Location, Location, Location

So where will the shop be?

For a retail business, the location can absolutely make or break a business. My SBDC advisor said, "It may be the most important decision you make when starting your business." So figuring this out is no big deal, right? Wrong. I've been looking for a location for about a month now, and it's proving to be more difficult that I thought it would be.

Securing a space is the next big step in FashionPact's launch. The perfect space would have good visibility from the road, be convenient to access, have plenty of parking, and is about 2,000 to 3,000 square feet.

We're currently looking at spaces in Midtown Anchorage as well as South Anchorage that fit these requirements. We're in the negotiations and hope to have good news about a secured space within the next couple of weeks!

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