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I Choose Anchorage

While waiting on securing a location, there is still plenty we're doing to get prepared for opening. We're so excited that these promotional stickers have arrived!

The stickers turned out perfect. They're a nice vinyl waterproof and glossy material that withstand the elements. They artwork turned out great, the colors pop and the message is clear. Which brings me to why I really love these stickers; and that is for the message they send.

They say "I CHOOSE ANCHORAGE" because that is what FashionPact is all about. When everyday people donate their stuff at FashionPact they have purposely chosen to strengthen our local Anchorage community. And our community is worth strengthening. FashionPact may not be the most conveniently located drop off center, and we may not be able to come pick up their stuff directly from their door, but these Anchorage residents are choosing to donate at FashionPact because they are passionate about their favorite local nonprofit and want to help it flourish.

We think choosing to strengthen our local Anchorage community is something to be proud of and we're excited to give out these awesome stickers to those residents who choose to donate with FashionPact. To those residents who decide to CHOOSE ANCHORAGE.

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