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The Suicide Prevention and Response Training Association (SPARTA) is an Alaska based, Veteran operated, nonprofit organization focused on preventing suicide among Veterans. At SPARTA, we believe that Veterans are their own best asset and we cannot afford to wait for others to help. SPARTA's free suicide prevention trainings provide community members with the courage and competence to help save lives.

Our gatekeeper trainings are an evidence-based approach to suicide prevention based on the U.S. Department of Health and Human Service's National Strategy for Suicide Prevention. Studies have shown about half of people completing a gatekeeper training will save a life within the first 6 months. Other studies have shown the number of trained suicide prevention gatekeepers to have a direct affect on the rates of completed suicide within a community.

For this reason, our goal is to train as many community members as possible to efficiently recognize and react to a anyone experiencing suicidal thoughts. The ancient Spartans held strong under incredible adversity because every warrior in their phalanx formation used their large shields to protect not just themselves, but the people beside them as well. SPARTA seeks to replicate this spirit of the phalanx in our response to suicide in our community by helping Veterans, and others willing, to stand strong and protect the community members around them.

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