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Mojo's Hope


The “Special Needs” designation covers many areas, including but not limited to, behavioral, emotional, physical and medical. We recognize that when animals come into rescue, they may have special needs and each need is individualized.

It is our goal to assist with their rehabilitation, so that those who are able to, can go to their furever homes to live out their lives happily and successfully.

For those who have lifetime medical needs or are at the end of life stage, we will provide the necessary care to make their lives comfortable, filled with love and peace.

Our Vision

A community supported effort where the commitment to companion animals with special needs is met.

Our Goals

​• EduCATion

• Pet Loss/Bereavement Counseling

• PAWspice (end of life care)

• Behavior Support (cats & dogs)

• Foster/PURRever Foster

• Spay/Neuter

• Vaccination/Medical

• Outreach/Awareness

• Adoptions​

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