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Hope Community Resources

Human Services

The purpose of Hope Community Resources (Hope) is providing or accessing resources to provide needed supports selected by people to live meaningful lives in their communities.

Hope’s mission is to provide services and supports that are requested and designed by individuals and families who experience disabilities that result in choice, control, family preservation and inclusion. Hope has developed a set of ten Agency Values, which become the focal point of its everyday activities and decisions. Inclusion—the ultimate measure of Hope’s success—begins with everyone’s commitment to these values.

Hope provides services and supports to people of all ages and abilities who happen to experience either an intellectual, developmental or other physical disability, a traumatic brain injury or mental health challenge.

Hope’s mission of support is based on an individualized approach, believing that each person has unique needs and must be the chief architect of their own future. By listening to the needs and dreams of the individuals and families who choose Hope’s supports, we are able to provide unique opportunities, create new living environments, and expand services that encompass a full life. As a result, our community supports are as diversified and personalized as the dreams of each person.

Our supports include, but are not limited to: assisted, independent and supported living services; foster care; in-home supports; day habilitation; vocational and recreation supports; as well as behavioral and mental health supports.

Hope provides supports to over 700 individuals and families throughout Alaska through our seven regional offices located in Anchorage, the Mat-Su Valley, Kodiak, Kenai Peninsula, Seward, Utqiagvik and Dillingham. We have been in the business of supporting Alaskans who experience a disability since 1968.

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