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Equal Justice Matters

Human Services

Since our founding in 2020, Equal Justice Matters has been determined to make an impact by highlighting disparities and inequities within the U.S. Justice System. Our aim is to present evidence and educate the populace so that they don't find themselves on the wrong side of the law, facing the egregious consequences and harsh realities of prison. We advocate for fair policies and equal justice for every American despite race, color or creed. We also promote equal access to education, jobs, healthcare, housing and voting rights. We are working to decrease the rate of incarceration by providing a safe environment for at-risk individuals to network with like-minded people, learn to type, learn basic computer and smartphone skills, compile resumes, acquire appropriate interview and work clothing, enroll in training programs, and apply for jobs. We are also working with the community to compile a list of employers who hire felons and those who would take on someone with no experience. We're looking to help people connect with jobs and training before they consider committing a crime to make money. This proactive approach will help young adults find employment before they have any involvement with the justice system. We fight with you because equal justice matters!

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