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Beacon Hill


Beacon Hill serves children and families in 3 ways: Child Abuse Prevention, Reunification, and Adoption.

Prevention: Beacon Hill is the implementing agency for the child abuse prevention movement, Safe Families for Children Alaska. This movement provides a safe alternative to child welfare custody for families facing crisis. It expands the community safety net by providing parents in need a loving sanctuary where they can safely place their children in times of crisis.

Reunification: Beacon Hill provides free supervised visits between biological parents and their children that are in the custody of the Office of Children's Services, transportation to supervised visits, and foster family support.

Adoption: Beacon Hill is the statewide implementer of the Heart Gallery of Alaska, which is a mobile and online art gallery that features children in the State of Alaska awaiting adoption. This serves as a compelling representation of the dignity and individuality of each child awaiting adoption and allows their needs to be known to give them a greater chance of finding a forever family.  Beacon Hill provides adoption education and support groups in addition to recruiting adoptive families.

Beacon Hill is a grass-roots organization established by Alaskans who want to make a difference locally.

Every dollar donated goes directly to impacting Alaska's most vulnerable children.

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