Beacon Hill


In 2009, a team of 10 families in Anchorage began praying and giving to those in need. What started as anonymous acts of charity became an answer to one of Anchorage’s greatest needs – a shelter for homeless mothers and their children. In the spring of 2012, we started to sense a need to focus on children in foster care and those that are at risk of going into foster care. In April 2014, Beacon Hill opened the first foster care and adoption community resource center in Anchorage.
In 2016, Beacon Hill became the implementer of Safe Families for Children (SFFC). SFFC is a movement powered by families committed to hospitality that protects children in crisis situations from abuse and neglect. This volunteer-led movement builds a supportive community around families in need before the State ever has to get involved. This minimizes trauma to the children while giving the parents time to establish a firm foundation for themselves and their children. Since 2016, SFFC has facilitated over 450 hostings of children in safe homes, with the goal of keeping kids safe and families intact.
Beacon Hill also began the Heart Gallery of Alaska in October of 2016. The mission of the Heart Gallery of Alaska is to facilitate and utilize the power of photography, videography and media to capture the individuality and dignity of children living in foster care, in order to advocate for their permanency, raise public awareness about their needs, and obtain support to help meet those needs.
In August 2021, a second Family Support Center was opened in the MatSu.
Beacon Hill also runs a thrift store in Anchorage, where donations from the community are repurposed to support local families and help fund our three programs.