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Alaska Theatre of Youth


Alaska Theatre of Youth is one of Alaska’s oldest non-profits focused on youth development through art. ATY relies on the generosity of community-minded donors to provide high-quality affordable programs. Our mission is Empowering Youth Through Theatre.

When John Goldring founded Alaska Theatre of Youth in 1983 he established a pilot program at McLaughlin Youth Center to use performing arts as a path out of difficulties for youth trapped in destructive life patterns. ATY soon created a base at the University of Alaska Anchorage, and expanded its offerings to all children interested in theatre. Throughout the 90s and 2000s, ATY has been one of the few non-school district organizations to offer quality theatrical training in Anchorage. We provide a supportive and safe environment for kids to expand and explore their abilities.

Alaska Theatre of Youth is an Anchorage based theatre company dedicated to offering quality theatrical training solely to artists under 18. Our mission is Empowering Youth Through Theatre. Our vision is inspiring confidence, appreciation of others, and a sense of community in youth through involvement in theater education and production. We are committed to telling stories that are relevant and resonate with young audiences; pieces that are thought provoking, spark curiosity, and celebrate all facets of humanity.

Our classes are taught and our shows are directed by some of the city's best educators and professionals. We believe all Anchorage youth should have fair access to the theatre experiences we offer, and that art should never be hidden behind a pay wall. To this end, we offer a robust scholarship program supported by individuals, businesses, and foundations to ensure no student is ever turned away due to financial need.

The values ATY’s theatre programming instills and the skills it introduces are essential abilities and have tangible applications outside our performance spaces. Theatre teaches empathy, patience, creative problem solving, conflict resolution, and public speaking. Whether they go on to become our community's next doctors, lawyers, community activists, or teachers, these skills help young people succeed in life no matter their chosen occupation, and can have far-reaching impacts like disrupting the cycle of poverty. Participation in theater enhances the quality of life for ATY’s participants, their families, and our patrons in ways that can reverberate for generations.

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