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Alaska Marine Conservation Council


Alaska's oceans are some of the most productive and valuable marine ecosystems remaining on our planet. But they are experiencing unprecedented threats from rapid climate change and ocean acidification and from destructive fishing practices resulting in habitat loss and unsustainable levels of bycatch of salmon, halibut and crab. Meanwhile, fishing privileges continue to be consolidated into corporate-owned fleets driving the loss of opportunities for small-scale, sustainable fishing businesses in Alaska’s coastal communities.

Formed in 1994, AMCC works to protect Alaska’s vital marine ecosystems and the coastal communities that rely on them remaining healthy through holistic and community-driven solutions. We advance our mission by utilizing overlapping strategies, including fisheries policy advocacy and our sustainable seafood brand, Catch 49. The challenges are complex, but we have a long history of achieving results by raising awareness among our allies about the issues and working to influence them together!

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