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Alaska Adoption Services


Alaska Adoption Services matches prospective adoptive families with expectant mothers and fathers to safely place infants in their forever families. We work to ensure expectant parents are provided with education, support, compassion and empathy as they choose whether to parent or make an adoption plan. We help adoptive families navigate through the steps of adoption including the emotions, education, and legalities of the process.

Alaska Adoption Services (AAS) was founded by Tami Watson and Victoria Ross in early 2019 when the only other domestic infant adoption program in Alaska closed it's doors. The founders saw there was a need for a local adoption agency to help Alaskan families navigate through the adoption process as well as keep Alaskan children in-state. The agency was incorporated as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization on May 6, 2019 and officially licensed as a Child Placement Agency by the State of Alaska on July 10, 2019. Since opening the agency doors, AAS has had the privilege of working with many adoptive families and birth families across Alaska in a variety of ways.

Alaska Adoption Services has proudly expanded its support services since it's inception. AAS was awarded the Wendy's Wonderful Kids Grant through the Dave Thomas Foundation on January 1, 2021 which allows the agency the privilege of helping legally free children and youth find permanency through adoption. On July 1, 2021, AAS was awarded the Adoption and Guardianship Home Studies for Resource Families Grant from the State of Alaska, allowing us to partner with The Office of Children's Services to write all the adoption and guardianship home studies for families adopting through the foster care system in the state. Most recently, Alaska Adoption Services started a community diaper pantry to assist families in need with diapers, wipes and other baby essentials.

Alaska Adoption Services is currently the only domestic infant adoption agency in the state of Alaska. We are proud to serve families all over Alaska and believe there is a forever family for every Alaskan child.

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